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Web design by Paul Opel is something special. I look forward to making the power of the web work for you. I pride myself on clean, clear, fast loading sites that convey professionalism at every level.


I've been designing and building websites since 1996, and have had the opportunity to be involved with a wide variety of companies and clients. My portfolio includes work with small businesses, bands, artists and craftsmen, professional organizations, consultants, international corporations, and more. Auto brokers, eCommerce sites, fantasy sports, and product promotions have all benefited from working with paul.opel web design.


I have experience working with an alphabet soup of web technologies: PHP, ASP.NET, SQL and MySQL, DHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, and Flash, just to name a few. I've helped clients set up blogs, streaming video, music players, online stores, photo galleries, contact forms, mailing lists, and dozens of other tools.


Before building any site, I get to know the client and the project personally, so that I fully comprehend their goals and needs and expectations. I'm not building the site to please me, I'm building it to represent you and your company.


Follow the links below to see sites I have designed, the services I offer, and my contact information.

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      Portfolio   See examples of my work, from online stores to corporate brochureware to rock bands to eCommerce stores.

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